Sunday, July 25, 2010

Online Paid Survey - A Good Money Maker?

A bit outdated no? Well time to check out the latest money maker on the internet on this post.

I don't know about you but for me it is always fun if someone gets my opinion that is why I love survey even if it is free or paid. (Of course paid survey is much better! $$$) Last year I tried to join many get paid to fill up survey programs and honestly I'm not earning that much from them, maybe because I'm too lazy to check my e-mails or sometimes I deleted them accidentally but it doesn't matter because I only joined them to test if those companies are sending frequently, asking some questions with sense and if they really pay. Unfortunately I'm not that lucky to reach the minimum payout so I do not have payment proofs to show.

I realized that survey sites is not for Asian GPT workers like me, this GPT program is the best for United States, Canada and European citizens because there are many advertisers there who really wants consumer opinions so it means that filling out online survey forms is one of the most profitable get paid to programs for them.

Well the good thing is I can still join those survey companies and review their policy and find some negative things about them and thanks to that I can add content to my blog.

Let's begin! Different online companies have different policy, almost all of them requires you to sign up and put in your personal information; this includes name, number of family members, contact information (e-mail) address and annual salary and if you are already married, sometimes I feel that they want to ask if when is my last tour to the bathroom but they are kinda shy. I feel that this is normal for any survey companies because they use it to determine what kind of survey is best suited for you. Next step is updating your profile, I joined a survey site called Global Test Market and it requires me to answer a 5 minute long questionnaires before you can get a paid survey. Be advised to check your e-mail frequently because most of the companies send the survey questionnaire thru e-mail. I suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox and download Yahoo! and Google toolbar which is useful if you are using their free e-mail services. For Asians like me be patient because it will take forever before they send you very first questionnaire, that is why I think that this kind of GPT programs is best suited for Western GPT workers.

The price per survey varies, most of the time they will pay using points and then you will convert it to dollars, you can also use it to shop online it depends where you want to use it. I prefer cash though, I'm not a fan of online shopping programs but if they will give some huge discount on my favorite PC games then I would reconsider *lol*

Check out my comments, rants and ramblings about this paid survey sites:

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Well thanks for taking time to read this post, no detailed information on how to earn from paid surveys, I will put in some good reviews though, hope it will help you a bit in deciding if you want to join a certain GPT programs or you want to stay away from it.


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Advice to New GPT Workers!

If you are damn serious about taking home big bucks using the internet then you must be motivated, focused and must do anything to achieve your goal. I know a lot of people who quits before achieving their very first penny using different paid programs. Quitting is not an option if you are a sworn GPT worker who makes a living online!

Remember that if you quit and do nothing except Facebook and playing game programs all day, Twitter and twitting nonsense and Youtube and watching your favorite channel all day will make your online career doomed to failure and all that time in front of your computer is an utter waste of time, quitters have a lot of pathetic excuses and blame it in the programs they joined in and I'm tired of it.

If getting filthy rich person who can swim on a pool of jewels and gems and owns a two hundred fifty acres of farm land are your motivation (Yes I do!) then make it lower and start small, you will never be that rich using get paid programs but I'm sure that this programs will boost your monthly earnings and you can save some money! If you are a hardcore search engine optimization specialist then your dream will not be impossible like reviving Michael Jackson.

I just want to remind you, getting laid oh I mean paid on the internet programs is not easy, start small and slowly but surely increase your knowledge and as your skill grow, find some greener pasture and be progressive, continuously improve your skill and ability and it will give you higher amount of income. Try to be lazy and let your laziness grow and you will be swimming in a cesspool together with the sore losers and some trolls who are not happy with any concessions you make.

You will always see this message in my blog to remind you and give some word of encouragement to awaken the money maker inside you, to be honest this eye opening or rather irritating message is used to increase my motivation too because I'm a lazy person who likes to hang out on different social networking sites and of course I avoid them now because it is a big distraction and waste of golden time... I apologize this message harms your eyeballs or gives you some headache...well sometimes I got bored with my huge genius mind so I do this kind of things *lol*